Tips & Tricks On Maintaining Your Spa Frog Hot TubBe sure to…

Tips & Tricks On Maintaining Your Spa Frog Hot Tub

Be sure to check your owners manual for the gallon-age of your hot tub.

Filling the hot tub.

  • When filling the spa, it is recommended that you add water with the garden hose through the filter compartment.  It is also recommended that you use hard (not softened) water.  It is also important to not use hot     water to fill the spa as you can drain your water heater and sometimes add rust to the spa.
  • When adding chemicals it is important to add all chemicals through the filter compartment with the jets running. This will insure all the chemicals will get fully dissolved before entering the main spa water, and not cause any damage to the spa shell.

Spa Frog Maintenance

  • Open the mineral and bromine cartridge and place into spa frog compartment.
  • Start with both cartridges on 6 if spa is over 300 gallons. Once you get a good bromine reading turn the Spa Frog down to 4.   Mark the date 3 weeks from now on the next bromine cartridge with a sharpie.  (This is a   nice little trick to help customer remember to change cartridge)
  • The mineral cartridge needs to be changed in 3 months or anytime the water is changed.

Balances/Test Strip Chemicals

Open test strip and swirl all of the test strip in the water for about 5 seconds. Pull out of water and shake read the results immediately.  Line the colors up and make sure they are in the ranges they should be.

Bromine should be between 3-5 PPM

Ph should be between 7.4-7.6

Hardness should be 200-300

 Alkalinity should be between 80-120

Alkalinity is the most important of all the chemicals to balance.  It is the buffer for everything else.  Once it is in line the sanitizer will work better and the pH will not bounce.

  • If the alkalinity is high lower it slowly over an extended period of time slowly bring down the alkalinity, while not  causing the pH to drop too severely (this usually can take several days to get the desired result)
  • For best results to lower the Alkalinity have the water sample tested via      Combined Pool and Spas water lab (we will call with the results).  

pH should be between 7.4 – 7.6

  • Proper pH balance will prolong the life of the equipment.  A low pH is acidic and can “eat away”at some the mechanical components causing pre-mature failure, while a high pH is more basic and will cause staining or scale build ups on the shell and equipment.
  • Second bromine and all sanitizers will work more effectively in the recommended rage.  (note bromine sanitizers tend to drop pH and alkalinity)


  • Bromine is the sanitizer for your spa it needs to be in (3-5ppm) rage. For your spa frog to work effectively it is important to get a bromine residual and this will take several days of adding approx a half capful until the     bromine stays at a proper level.  Note NEVER GET INTO A CLOUDY SPA check bromine level and do not re-enter until 3ppm is maintained.
  • Bromine is used to keep bacteria from growing and keeps the water clean and safe.
  • Antifoam is exactly what it says.  It will take away soap foam that will occasionally build up in the tub.  This will come from swimming suits that have been freshly washed, shampoo from hair and body lotions.  If you do get foam it takes just a drop or two of antifoam to remove it works instantly.  A one pint bottle should easily last 6 months.  Be careful to not to overdose antifoam as it can cloud the water and can not be cleared
  • Stain & Scale.  Is probably one of the most important chemicals you will use. It is very important to put this in weekly.  (Hint mark all weekly chemicals bottle caps with an x to remind yourself it is a weekly step.)  This chemical that will help to filter out excess/unwanted minerals dissolved in the water they may not be visible, but if untreated could have a reaction with sanitizer or oxidizer and change the color of your water.  It is easier to prevent this than to clear it up.  A 300 gallon hot tub should put in one ounce weekly.  Mark this dosage on the side of the bottle.
  • Spa Perfect.  Is a natural enzyme, also     recommended weekly treatment that naturally breaks down body oils and skin     lotions.  Oils and lotions typically build up on the waterline and get trapped in the filter then may appear as an oily slime, with regular weekly treatments, Spa Perfect will prevent this build-up.  The dosage is one capful per 300 gallons.
  • Shock.  Is the most important of the weekly chemicals.  It is used to oxidize (burn out) the used up sanitizer in the water.  It is the used up sanitizer that gives the tub the “chlorine odor” and also makes the sanitizer less effective.  When shock is used it is very important to leave the cover off for approx 45 minutes to provide ample time for the used up sanitizer to be full evaporated.  Dosage is typically a heaping capful for     300 gallons
  • You should also pull out the filter and rinse thoroughly at least once a     week.


Once     a month you will need to chemically clean your spa filter.  You have two options for this.  You may remove the filter and spray it with a garden hose and then follow with one of the two options below.

  • Hint.   Easiest way to clean filter is to actually have a second filter on hand and have one filter soaking in the hot tub and one in the filter cleaner       switching out monthly.  Your filters will last much longer if you do this this way.

Water Change Every 3-4 Months

  • Be sure to power the spa down before draining the spa by turning off the breakers.  It is fine to drain the spa right into the back yard.
  • Once  the spa is drained wipe the spa out with a spa cleaner.  We recommend Clean and Perfect from Natural Chemistry.
  • You can pop off the pillows and wipe behind them as well.
  • Wipe the cover down with 303 protect-ant.
  • Chemically clean the filter with Filter Cleaner
  • Replace the bromine cartridge and mineral cartridge on the spa frog system.
  • Refill the spa through the filter compartment
  • Power spa back up
  • Start chemicals as above and bring in a sample to CPS for a complete start up recipe

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