What is Ozone?Ozone is a device that is installed into a hot tub…

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a device that is installed into a hot tub that takes the oxygen in the water and turns it into ozone.  So it goes from O2 to O3.  The oxygen hates being ozone and turns back into oxygen that process actually sanitizes the water.  So it is a natural way to actually sanitize the water.  The ozone actually destroys and kills bacteria.

Why Ozone?

Spa ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant that can be safely used in spas. It kills all known bacteria, viruses, yeasts and a lot of other things you don’t want to know about.

1. Ozone offers an alternative to heavy doses of traditional chemicals such as bromine and chlorine. Ozone can’t completely eliminate these chemicals, but it drastically reduces the required amounts.

2. Ozone is a safe, proven technology. It leaves no chemical taste or smell, it’s environmentally sound and it’s gentle on your equipment. In fact, the only by-product of ozone is pure oxygen.

3. Ozone eliminates chloramines, the smelly, irritating, toxic by-product of chlorine.

4. Ozone oxidizes (burns off) problem compounds often found in spas such as hydrogen sulfides and iron manganese.

5. Ozone helps shock your spa to get rid of oils and other organic compounds that combine to make the unsightly “spa scum ring” and when left untreated require more chemicals to make your spa clean.

Are All Ozone The Same?

No.  There are 3 types of ozone and there are major differences in all ozone.

1. Chrona Discharge cell type ozone.  This is the best type of ozone that is out there.  This type of ozone called Monarch CD Ozone can be found on Caldera Spas.  The reason that this is the best is it doesn’t require any maintenance and has the highest output of all ozone.

2. Chrona Discharge chip type ozone.  This type of ozone is also quite effective at killing bacteria.  The output on this type of ozone is very high as well. However the chip will need to be replaced every year at service rates up to $200 per year.

3.  Ultra Violet type ozone.  This is the oldest type of ozone that is on the market.  It has a very low output of ozone and requires replacement every year at a service rates up to $100 per year.  The down fall to this type of ozone is that the longer it is on the weaker it gets.  So it puts out the strongest output and goes down from the first day you use it.  In a years time you are guaranteed for it not to be working and you have the false sense that you have ozone in your hot tub.

What About UV-C?

UV-C is an ultra violet light that disable but doesn’t destroy the bacteria.  Just like the Ultra Violet Ozone.  It weakens after the first day you use it and needs to be replaced yearly anywhere from $100-$300 per year.

Is Ozone all I need to sanitize and keep my spa water clean?

No, but you can eliminate much of your customary bromine/chlorine and shock with a properly functioning ozonator. The easiness and best combination with ozone is Silk Balance it works constantly in conjunction with the ozonator to keep spa water pure.

You will still need to add a small amount of sanitizer such chlorine or combined chlorine & shock. The EPA has not approved any sanitary system that does not include at least some amount of chlorine or combined chlorine and shock.

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