Coffee along with your hot tub make for a great morning!There is…

Coffee along with your hot tub make for a great morning!

There is nothing better then waking up in the morning and having a fresh brewed cup of coffee the aromas the taste and if you are like me a shot of cream that makes it oh so smooth.  Now add that amazing feeling of the first sip inside the warm waters of a Caldera hot tub and you are guaranteed to have an outstanding morning.

We all know that coffee and caffeine help wake you up, but did you know sitting in hot water also helps your body wake up?  Warm water does the following things for you in the morning

1. Increases circulation and heart rate.

Dipping the body in hot water to the neck is a work out for your blood vessels. This is because water creates pleasure  on the body which causes your brain to drop dopa mine and so increases the capacity of our heart. In other words, when we’re inside the water, the heart works faster and stronger. This is not a massive undertaking, more like a light exercise. A few dips a week is an excellent work out for your heart.

2. Lowers blood pressure.

A recent study has shown that soaking in a hot tub can lower your blood pressure. This is a great system for those heart conditions that have to watch out for spikes in their blood pressure.   A hot tub will also raise the rate of your heartbeat, it’s a great way of bringing down your blood pressure.

3.  Feeling better about ourselves.

Life is full of stressful events, and a hot tub can be that shoulder you need to cry on. Take a good soak and try to relax, it’s known that when we feel better physically, we get more confident in ourselves, more convinced we are up to the challenges ahead.
A hot tub is a great way to reduce daily anxiety as well. Very few of us are aware of just how much the body’s physical state increases our levels of perceived anxiety.  So why not start the day with a soak and get off on the right foot.

4. Hot water helps coffee get to your brain faster.

With the increased circulation and heart rate it helps the caffeine get to your brain faster and increase the amount of caffeine to your brain and block those nasty adenosine molecules that make you feel tired.  

Try it just one time.  I bet if you crawl into a hot tub first thing in the morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee you will not be able to keep your eyes closed.

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