How does a hot tub help you recover?When someone is active…

How does a hot tub help you recover?

When someone is active whether it be exercise or weight lifting, the body does go under pressure for that time and it does take a toll on the body and many have thought that using some sort of warming or cooling compress will make the task of being active less painful but what if there was another way? Did it ever occur to you that you could use a hot tub to get your body less sore? Using a hot tub is one of the best and most natural remedy for soothing the body of aches and pains and also helps to keep the body, mind and soul healthy and all you are using is water. Let’s have a look at some of the things that soaking in a hot tub can be good for.

1.    Muscle Pain – The warm waters and the pulsing of the jets does show beneficial properties in that it warms up the muscles before working out to help prevent muscle soreness after a workout. It is recommended that the hot tub bath not be longer than five minutes before working out. After a workout, it is not advisable to have hot baths right away because muscles and joints are already active and swollen and blood is pumping to them. If after cooling down however, muscle or joint pain still exist then sitting in a hot tub with the jets positioned to the problem areas for about 15 to 20 minutes vastly improves the pain level.

2.    Back Pain – the back becomes very vulnerable in work outs as well as day to day activities and often feels the grunt of lifting excessively or stretching. Jumping in a hot tub for a warm bath eases the back pain drastically. As similar with muscle pains, aim the jets toward the area where pain is the most prevalent.

3.    Arthritis Pain – arthritis can be describes as the inflammation of joints in the body and using a hot tub has very positive effects as well. The body’s circulation increases with the heat and the water pulls down the inflammation causing the discomfort to ease.

4.    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Nobody likes to be in a stressful and often times the excessive worrying does lead to PTSD.  I personally have been through some trauma lately and can tell you I would of never survived it without daily use of my hot tub.  Using a hot tub though for clients gives them the release the body needs of hormones to calm the body down. To help the experience, introducing the use of calming scents like the lavender, make sure that they are hot tub approved, to the water will help you to calm mentally calm  as well as physically calming for the body slowing it down so the body gets time to recuperate.

5.    Common Colds & Flu – whenever the climate changes, it causes and imbalance that results in contraction of the flu or cold like symptoms. Siting in a hot tub provides relaxation for the body to be at rest which helps to improve immunity thus building a stronger immune system. The heat does increase circulation in the body meaning that more blood is pumped around the body filled with immune boosted cells better able to provide a better line of defense from the other years.

6.    Headaches – Dipping in a hot tub is especially great for soothing headaches. The muscles in the body relaxes and blood gets to flow, the increased blood flow as well as the warmness of the water is therapeutic as it helps to decrease the tension that the headache causes. It is also great for blocked sinuses because it can help along with fueling up with fluid as well as using nose drops.

Water is a very powerful all natural resources that has so many wonderful benefits and adding it to a hot tub is even more exhilarating and soothing on the body. It is always important to check with your physician to make sure that using a hot tub is the best course of natural treatment for you. Pregnant mother can also enjoy these benefits but the water is not to be more than 1000F. You owe it to yourself to sit in your hot tub, and relax and soak away a hard day’s work on a strenuous work out. You’ll be very happy you did.

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