To Salt or Not To Salt Your Hot Tub?This has got to be the…

To Salt or Not To Salt Your Hot Tub?

This has got to be the number one question any customer is asking that is considering purchasing a hot tub in today’s market.   To get things straight off the bat salt is great.  The water feels amazing and you will definitely enjoy the feel of salt when you get into your hot tub.  I sell salt I can give you lots of reasons to buy salt.  If you are considering salt the ONLY reason you should consider salt is for the feel of the water.  Other benefits are hands free operation and a naturally produced chlorine.  Yes salt is chlorine… it takes the salt in the water and turns it into chlorine if you have a problem you treat it like chlorine you shock it like chlorine you keep your levels at 3-6 ppm just like chlorine.  Salt is chlorine.  

There are systems out there that are easier to run and cost significantly less to take use and require less time from you to take care of them.  My water care system of choice right now would be the Spa Frog @Ease program.  It is very simple only requires you to shock it once a month and is self regulating and you get to keep your chlorine at a super low level of .5-1.0 ppm.  I do also like the Silk Balance program which is very simple as well and gives the water the super soft feel of salt.   Hand fed or inline systems do work incredibly well  with less time from you and your busy schedule and less damage to your wallet, like $500 per year less.   The picture slide above compares head to head the pros and cons of both systems.  

There are tons of options when it comes to picking what sanitizer system to use in your hot tub.  Do you homework consider all options and your lifestyle, budget and pick the system that is best for you.  

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